About Me

imageFalko Winterberg

My name is Falko Winterberg and I am a photographer.

To be honest, I could not have imagined a few years ago even. My artistic talent was positively formulated rather below average and my knowledge of photography was’ too soon exhausted beyond the automatic mode. But in May 2009, I had the feeling that they need again to try something new. A small bridge camera I had already, and so I decided on a photography course. I chose even for the advanced course – as I said, in automatic mode, I already could indeed take pictures :-)

The following weeks thought gripped me firmly, surprised me and gave me a passion I had never suspected in me. Photography is so simple and yet so complex like … like … – I simply do not know anything.

After the course, I was looking for an opportunity to apply what they have learned into practice and am just landed in the Party Photography. Ironically? – Yes, because by this time I had called me not necessarily as open partygoers. But here – in a crowd of boisterous clubbers I have learned more than it otherwise would have been to me ever possible. – I learned to approach people, to deal with the different characters and shoot great photos under the worst possible light.

In recent years, from this activity very different and interesting orders have developed. Among other things, I was able to work for newspapers, organizers, associations and communities. Thank you. I look forward to the further development and look forward to more interesting tasks.