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Going All the Way With Cameradojo Reviews

  • Expanding your photography knowledge through Cameradojo reviews
  • An online site that offers reviews, tutorials and assistance to novice photographers
  • Finding the right photography tools with Cameradojo

There’s so much trial and error going on in the past. People were experimenting in so many ways. So risky was the setup before that you don’t know really if you’re buying the most durable gadget around, let alone buying the right type of tools.


But that all changed over time. Most people today have access to such information already before buying that product. They can now read or watch information drives about that particular gadget, so they can assess if the said tool might be valuable to them or not. And that includes these informative reviews from

Cameradojo is a digital photo site online. If you want an additional information about a tool because you’re unfamiliar with it, or may have encountered the gadget for the first, then this is the site to go to on the web. For more of these Cameradojo reviews, though, just click this link,, and get a dose of that review we’re talking about.

Suffice it to say, if you’re scouring for some added boost to your images, always remember to check on, because even professional photographers and videographers are now reading their reviews more than ever. So, if you’re a novice when it comes to photography, why not start with the site that seasoned artists are digging into.

No more of that trial and error thing with Make it habit to read their pieces before buying that desired drone or quadcopter. Seldom can you find a photography site online that shows you the best possible options where you can get the best images without actually spending that much. Only at, where beautiful images thread.

Sleeklens Wedding Products in Review

  • Wedding products and tools to use for your wedding pictures
  • Reading reviews before getting started with your picture taking on your wedding day
  • Choosing Sleeklens for your editing tools

This may sound unbelievable, though, but all it takes for you to enhance your wedding photos is a review of Sleeklens wedding products. Out of this particular review, you will be able to determine the products to use as soon as you enhance your wedding photos.


A review of Sleeklens wedding products should be a part of your scheme when making some changes or adjustments to your wedding pics. You might appreciate at first, but over time, the points to have inculcated from these reviews will pay dividends as far as improvement is concerned.

Those who do not have the habit of reading reviews are in a position to produce mediocre pictures. How much more if they are in the works of editing their wedding pictures? A review of Sleeklens wedding products is not something that you should take lightly, because there are so many things you can do after a review from Sleeklens.

Besides, Sleeklens should be your destination online if you are in need of some lift with your wedding photos, they have the products that can deliver it for you, the necessary tools that make your editing so easy.

Learn some pertinent information about these products, the system or workflow that you need to emulate for a smoother and smarter editing process, as well as some unique perspective on transforming your ordinary pictures to extraordinary masterpieces.

So you need a review of Sleeklens wedding products right now. Don’t start clicking until you have this review with you. Only then will you be able to make your wedding photos worth keeping and worth remembering with its technically enhanced images on it

These Product Reviews and Sleeklens Adobe

  • Product reviews from Sleeklens Adobe for your photography
  • Using the right sort of tools after reading a photography review
  • Easy access to reviews for the development of your photography

There’s something about using the right kind of products for your photography. For one, you won’t find yourself in the dilemma of creating mediocre outputs because you are using the right sort of tools for it. And second, you save the trouble of doing this trial and error thing when editing your photos because using these gadgets are a sure-fire thing in terms of producing the right kind of effects.


That’s exactly what these Sleeklens Adobe products can give to your photography. Sleeklens offers only the best products, so that you can create stunning, if not visually-stimulating, photos that your viewers love. For more of these great products, you might want to check on Sleeklens Adobe product reviews online.

Only those who are wise can tell how helpful these Sleeklens Adobe product reviews are. These are reviews that you need to read the moment you use Sleeklens products, so that you can make the most of it for the enhancement and development of your photo images.

These Sleeklens Adobe product reviews offer you the latest products for a much improved photography. Like basic tutorial actually, you’ll get to learn more about its features and how to enhance the color and texture of your photographs through it.

Seasoned designers and photographers usually go for these Sleeklens Adobe product reviews when they are confronted with the idea of making significant changes on their photographs. For budding photographers, Sleeklens allow you to edit your images like a professional, so you can easily compete with these seasoned artists, and even churn out a more imaginative effect on your photo than they can actually create.

What a privilege to have these Sleeklens Adobe product reviews with you, it elevates your brand of photography from good to a better one.

Good Collection of Photoshop Actions

  • Photoshop actions
  • How to identify great photoshop actions
  • Where to get these great photoshop actions

Adobe has really thought of everything when they designed Photoshop. It has everything you need to edit a photo plus you can also share your techniques using the record action feature. This is what makes a Photoshop action. The process is, you start recording the steps you took to edit a photo. Once you are done, you can export it and upload it on the internet for others to download. That is why you see a growing collection of photoshop actions in several websites. Many users are generous enough to share their techniques to the public. It does pose one problem though. How do you identify which of these actions are usable or not?


With the huge number of collection of photoshop actions on the internet, it can be time consuming to identify which actions to download. That is why you have to be smart in going about this properly. The first thing you need to do is to find a trusted website that provides these resources. A simple Google search will do that for you. List down the names of the sites and then verify if they have a good reputation or not. Look for reviews about the site to check if they really provide good quality Photoshop resources. If they do, the next thing you need to do is to check the sample images that the action produces. That is really the true measure of a site that provides great actions. It gives the customers the right expectations when they download it.

So there you have it, that’s the way to identify which actions to download. One quick tip though, if you are looking for the best photoshop actions, go to Their downloadable PS actions are well made and of professional quality. In fact, it is my go to set of Photoshop actions.

Using The Best Action Cameras Around

  • Using action cameras instead of digital ones when taking photos
  • 3d-like effect out of using the best action camera around
  • In the league of professional photographers and designers by using action cameras

Many are asking, does this best action camera improves the overall composition of your photo? Yes, it does. It isn’t called the best action camera for nothing. In fact, it is the camera of choice for that much improved photo image.

Having the best action camera can be tricky. Sometimes it only functions well if you have an eye for some angle or some artsy take on your photo. But, suffice it to say, you’ll churn out great photos if you use the best action camera around.

It’s almost like a given thing every time you use that best action camera, everything seems so easy because it has tools that allow you to navigate on those photography elements without altering its original image. And not only that, it gives it a more 3D-like effect that is absent with other cameras even.

You’d be surprised that more and more photographers and designers are using these types of cameras on a daily basis. That best action camera that they boast is actually their secret why they keep on producing photos that perk up the imagination of any viewer.

Using the right kind of tools matter with photography, and using this best action camera is a testament to that. It is certainly impossible for any designer to come up with that artsy effect on their photo images if not for the action camera that they are using.

So the question that this best action camera can actually improve the overall composition of a photo is best exemplified by the way designers use them for their photos. That alone shows you why it pays to have that best action camera with you.

Reading The Best Action Cameras Online

  • Reading better reviews about action cams via
  • Suitability and portability as considerations before buying action cameras
  • Smart camera buying after reading a review from Best Action Cams Review

Reading reviews about action cameras matter. At the outset, it is as if you’re reading a personal take of a particular camera of choice, but digging deeper into the review, you will soon find out that it allows you to make intelligent choices when it comes to buying action cameras.


Best Action Cam Reviews is the site to visit if you want to read anything about action cameras. They have a collection of reviews that guides you as soon as you’re planning to purchase your next action camera. You can check out their site through

One of the things you need to consider when reading a review about action cameras is in how well they emphasize the portability of that action camera. Is that camera bulky? Does it weigh too much? Does it have a longer battery life? These are the types of questions that you need to ask before buying that action camera. More of these questions are already answered through their website,

Another factor you need to consider is its suitability. Is this camera versatile? If an aerial shot is needed, can it be mounted on a drone? There are times that you need to mount your camera for a better angle, now if your action camera can do that, well and good; if not, you might want to look for something else. For a suitable action camera, visit Best Action’s site,

These are just two of the many considerations that you need to look into when reading a review about action cams. Be a smart buyer when it comes to action cameras because they are your companion, even as they are capable of giving your beautiful photos.

Cool Portraits Via Presets and Brushes

  • The best portraits through Lightroom’s presets and brushes
  • Brushes that enhances the color and mood of your photos
  • Presets that can improve one’s image and aura

People love to see their faces in a photo. That is the reason why there is an overload of portraits posted on social media every day. But when Lightroom came into the scene, portraits begin to look like miniature masterpieces painted by the best painters.

LR14A Lightroom portrait is unlike any portrait you have seen. This is not your typical picture, with that flat face plastered on that photo. This photo has that interactive feel of it, having that 3D effect, so the experience is almost lifelike.

And this is made possible with these free Lightroom presets and brushes online. Any photo enthusiast can now produce photos, portraits, even, that stimulates the imagination. Portraits that are almost real, you can literally feel the texture of one’s skin or those eyebrows that are almost impossible to see with the naked eye at times.

These presets and brushes are perfect for your Lightroom portrait because it allows you to:

  • Improve the edges – There are different kinds of skin texture, whether it’s rough, smooth or dry, and these skin characteristics can be recreated with the skillful use of these presets and brushes, and present an almost lifelike representation of your portrait.
  • Enhances the color – Color dictates a significant portion of your Lightroom portrait, and it would be impossible for you to have that specific effect apart from these presets and brushes. Enhancing the color of your portrait in turn enhances the mood of your photo image.
  • Heightens the mood – Especially with brushes, because you can make detailed improvements with your portraits. And by doing so, you heightened the mood of your subject, even as you make changes on a specific feature of that face.

So it is with these free presets and brushes that you can have that total Lightroom portrait experience.

Admit or not, every time you see your photo image online enhanced with a photo app like that of Lightroom, it always brings a smile on your face.

And your Lightroom portrait is in a league of its own, it is the kind of portrait that makes you feel good every time you look at it.

Customizing Your Adobe Lightroom Library and Stay Systematized

Basically, Adobe Lightroom is the perfect tool not just for photo editing, but also for photo management and customization. In this article, we will teach you on how to use and customize and manage images in the library module so that you can easily locate your images.


If you’re dealing with hundreds or even thousands of images, you may face a lot of challenges in finding significant files. However, Adobe Lightroom can give you the best services in locating the images you want to use for modification.


As we go on with our Lightroom discussion, we will assure you that in the next coming weeks or months, we will give you more updated and effective tips and tutorials on how to organize HDR Lightroom presets using significant keywords and metadata.



Sort images according to file name or theme


Photos in Lightroom are automatically displayed when they are imported. If you want a more organized interface, you can sort images according to their file name, theme or ratings. Sort it by clicking the pop-up menu located in the upper-left corner of Lightroom’s interface.


Give significant rates on your images


One of the best things about Lightroom is that you can rate images according to the image quality. You can rate them between zero as the lowest and five as the highest.


Eliminate undesirable images


You can use the sort menu to remove undesirable or unnecessary images in Lightroom. Deleted images will be automatically marked as gray.


Filter images immediately


To filter images in Lightroom, you need to go to view and show filter bar, choose the attribute, and click on the pick icon. However, to make things easier, you can just refine image filters by using significant metadata and keywords.


This tutorial is more useful when sorting images such as HDR Lightroom presets, vintage and black and white themed presets.

3 Ways To Modify Blue Sky Images

LR44Have you ever thought of having a beautiful and perfect blue sky with white clouds in your images? Taking pictures of a blue sky using your camera is not enough since cameras only capture half of the subject’s real color. However, in this article, we will give you three simple ways to modify blue sky images in Adobe Lightroom to make it perfect and realistic.


Here are the 3 simple method in making perfect blue sky images:


Adjust the Blue Color Tone


The first thing to do is to adjust and darken the blue tone of your image. You can start adjusting the tone in the Develop module in Lightroom. You can either adjust the level of saturation, hue, white balance, contrast, brightness and luminance of colors. However, make sure to adjust and use the blue sliders since it will only affect the blue color tone of the image.


Monitor and Regulate The Highlights


In order to have a well-balanced color tones, it is best to monitor and control the highlights carefully. After adjusting the tones, there will be instances where the sky is so bright that it covers the beautiful details in it. Tone down the highlights of the image carefully for you to see the important details in the blue sky image.


Apply Blue Tint Tone


At this point in time, your sky image should look real and good. But in order to make it more perfect, you should add an extra blue tint tone to it by using the adjustment brush and adjusting the white balance and color temp.

Isn’t easy? Lightroom has indeed the capability to create a clear and a perfect blue sky. Of course, if you’re not satisfied with these techniques, you can always use other ways, such as blending the tones and use HDR features.


Hopefully these techniques can guide you in modifying blue skies. For tutorials on adobe Lightroom head over to Sleeklens and check more unbiased Lightroom reviews.

dslr camera

The complete Guide to getting started with Photography

If you would like to get started with commercial photographer, regardless of whether you are a hobbyist or a newbie, there are very few places that will give you the guidance that you need. This is because all the information that you get put there is defragmented. Here, we are going to have a look at all the steps that you need to go from a hobbyist or a newbie to a complete professional.

1.Get the right equipment – There is no way you are going to become a professional photographer if you do not have the right equipment. You may have heard or read somewhere that you can use Adobe Lightroom presets to improve your images if the camera you use produces low quality images. While there that is a bit of truth in this, is it not better to start off right away with images of the highest quality?
dslr camera

So first, get a good camera with good lenses if you can afford it. Then invest in some storage medium with good read and write speeds. Next up, you will need a computer for use with Adobe Lightroom Presets. Do not be scared, Lightroom presets are easy to master and use.

2.Get the right software – Regardless of whether you shoot in RAW or JPEG you will find yourself needing to edit certain aspects of your photographs or to improve them in one way or the other. Some of the best softwares that are regarded as the best in this respect include Lightroom and aperture. While aperture still performs well, Lightroom has a lot more users. This means that you will find it easier to find help should you get stuck. There are also thousands of beginner tutorials to get you up and running with Lightroom as fast as possible.

3.Practice and Learn – As soon as you have your equipment and the software that you feel is right for you, start shooting and practicing. Remember that photography is all about skill. You have to practice in order to get better. Remember to also practice your Lightroom skills as well as using Lightroom presets so that as your photography improves, so do you post-production skills.


4.Selling – This is where the fun starts. There is no need to shoot and create photographs if you are not making any money from it. There are lost of sites that accept photographs for sale from both amateur and professional photographers alike. All you have to do is find the right one for you, the one that matches your photography style and offers a good price for your photographs especially those that you have edited using some Lightroom Presets. Keep in mind that some websites take a parentage of your sales, this is something you have to always be on the look out for.

Lightroom Goes Mobile

LR47Lightroom mobile is a cloud-based subscription service that allows you to sync photo collections between your desktop computer and a companion app on your Mobile so that you can review, share, organize and even edit your photo anytime and anywhere.


In addition, Lightroom mobile syncs high-resolution Smart Previews to your iPad. In a small fraction of the original file size, these Smart Previews won’t take long to sync. This means that you can even work with raw images while you’re away from your desktop computer.


When you completely installed both the desktop and mobile applications, you need to decide which of your Lightroom catalogs to work with.  It does not support syncing from multiple catalogs. If you sync images from a second catalog, you will overwrite any photos you’ve previously “imported” to Lightroom on your mobile.


Sign in to Lightroom on your mobile device: When signing in to Lightroom mobile from your desktop computer, just click Get Started ->select Sign In in the fly down menu-> Enter Adobe ID -> Enter password in the Lightroom Mobile dialog box – > Click Sign In.


If you don’t have a free Adobe ID, you only have to do is to click Create an Adobe ID button at the lower left.


Setting up collections to sync:  Lightroom Mobile will work only with Collections.  If you need help for setting up collection, will surely help you.  To enable a Collection for syncronization, just right click on the collection ->select Sync with Lightroom mobile. Very easy!


You will notice a double arrow appears to the left of the Collection after clicking. This specifies the collection will be syncing when sync is turned on.


Sync photos on mobile:  Tap individual photos to select – > tap the checkmark in the upper right. Lightroom will let you know it is starting the sync of those images.


Sorting and Edit photos:  At the bottom of the screen, tap the adjust icon -> tap one of the controls like exposure -> slide your finger across the scale to darken or lighten the image. With some controls, you can select from a list options. And when you’re done, tap the arrow in the top left of your screen to return the collection and automatically sync your edits across all your devices.


You can always rework your edits or even get back to your original photo in just one click.


Quick filtering with Lightroom mobile device:  Now that you have a Collection synced to your mobile, you can start filtering. To filter images, used both flags and stars features. You can change those features by tapping the icons in bottom left corner.


Sharing your synced collections online:  You can view your Lightroom mobile synced collections and share them with your friends or even on your clients. All collections are private by default, only you can see them unless you choose to share them. Just select “Make Public” to make the Collection available for sharing.

Tips on How to Use the Basic Panel

pic1With Lightroom, I can be able to edit my photos in my best Lightroom 5 presets in easy and efficient way. We all know that Lightroom has a lot of features that sometimes you might get confuse. While the program offers plenty of different editing opportunities in order to attain the best results and user experience, it is necessary that we may understand the very basics of Lightroom.

Perhaps, the first question that comes in your mind is “where should I find the basic panel?”

To start with, you can find Basic Panel in the “Develop Module” right below the “Histogram”. Just make sure you have an image loaded up already. Expanding the panel will reveal a number of basic controls offered by Lightroom. To expand the basic panel, just press Ctrl + 1. You can see a few panels below the Basic Panel and if you want to see only one of the panels, you just simply right click on the panels then select “solo mode”.

#1: The first setting that you may change in the basic panel is the “Treatment” of the image. Treatment allows you to select if you want an image to be in color or else in black and white.

#2: The next setting in the Basic Panel is the “Temperature and Tint”. There are few ways to adjust the Basic Panel. Click on the slider of the adjustment using your mouse and drag the slider left or right or you can mouse over the slider and hit up or down on keyboard to move the slider.

#3: Next, white balance selector. You can find it right above the “Temperature”. You can select W&B by hitting “W”. These settings can really help you to make sure that the color you capture in your image is correct no matter how the camera was set when you take a picture.

#4: The last setting in the Basic Panel is the “Tone”. If we click the auto tone button, Lightroom will immediately try what the correct settings are for the image. Yet, this setting almost never guesses correctly, so do not depend on this feature.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the Basic Panel in Lightroom 5 at the same time knows each adjustment.

Understanding Adobe Lightroom 5

pbn4In my opinion, Lightroom 5 is one of the greatest versions compared to its previous and current versions. Adobe never fails to amaze us users with their upgrades. They make sure that we enjoy every release they made. According to experts, Adobe just made hundreds of improvements in their latest version, but I am still in the process of trying it one by one. In this personal review, we will try to understand better the features and services of lightroom 5.

If you haven’t try lightroom yet, it is now the best time to purchase it. Is it worth it? Yes. Lightroom is more like the better version of Photoshop since you don’t have to edit images manually. In addition, its lightroom presets can help you in your editing process since it can be applied to hundreds of images at once. Lightroom actions is a non-destructive tool which preserves the original setting of the image from the camera. The program is a powerful tool that has the ability to organize images well.

Using the popular program can be frustrating and confusing at times, but when you get to see its outcome, you will start loving it more and more.  Lightroom is not a replacement for Photoshop like what most people claim. Both programs have its uniqueness and creativity. Both programs can make better images; however, lightroom can do it clean and fast. It does not only help us save time in editing, it also gives us more time to take photographs.

Overall, Adobe lightroom 5 offers a lot of exciting and improved editing tools for the benefit of photographers. It is truly one of best programs that can provide solutions to photography problems. The program may have some issues and problems regarding its interface but the company will continue to fix it and make new and better versions of lightroom. The program helped me become a better photographer. In addition, it motivated me to create new and wonderful lightroom presets to share to the public. My creativity skill increases as I continue to use it every day.

Beginner’s Guide: Installing Lightroom

LightroomMost photographers are getting fond of using the new version of adobe lightroom. One of the main reasons why they use it is because it has a lot of unique features such as presets. Lightroom has the capacity to edit and alter images in just a few clicks. Lightroom also help photographers save a lot of time and effort in their editing process.


Luckily, there are a lot of simple methods to install adobe lightroom preset. In this article, we will discuss about how to install lightroom on all devices and operating system. In addition, we will provide simple methods on how to use presets.

Basic and Simple Ways of Installing Lightroom


In the presets control panel division, you will see the folder of all presets created and downloaded. In order to view other options, click anywhere on the screen and a pop up window option will appear.  Select “import” and you will see another window in which you are permitted to choose any file of all saved presets on your computer. After choosing your desired preset, click import and adobe lightroom will filter it just for you. This simple step works perfectly fine in all operating system and versions since it do not need a lot of effort.

Saving Presets To Another Devices

One of the most common disadvantages of lightroom is that whenever you are done editing, it will always go back to its default setting. It simply means that all of your saved presets will be gone. In order to prevent it, you have to save and back up the presets to another storage or device such as dropbox or cloud.


These two simple steps will guide you in installing lightroom preset. If you want to know more about installing lightroom easily, watch the video below.


5 Tips In Using Adobe Lightroom

lightroom 1 1Adobe lightroom from adobe system is one of the most famous raw image editing and conversion software that is used by professional photographers. Few years back, adobe decided to link it with photoshop CC as part of their photography plan making it more interesting to use. In this article, we will talk about the 5 simple tips in using the powerful adobe lightroom image editing tool.


Here are some ways you can use with your lightroom software:


Download, Install and Use Presets

A lot of lightroom users are very eager to share their edited and personalized lightroom presets in their social media. This simply means that they are able to edit and apply the effects perfectly. But before having a perfect image, you need to download a free lightroom preset from Sleeklens.

Once you are done in downloading the preset, you have to install it into the adobe lightroom software by unzipping the file. Then go to lightroom preset panel to create a new folder. Once you have the folder, right click and select import option and then you’re done. Visit for more details on how to install lightroom presets.


Check Preset Collections On Your Apple Gadgets (iPhone, iPad)

With the latest upgrade of lightroom, Adobe system announced the mobile version of lightroom and its ability to view synced collections via creative cloud on their apple smartphones and tablets. With Lightroom 5.5, you can enjoy viewing your collections thru your apple mobile device. All you have to do is to update the latest version of lightroom and download it to your iPhone or iPad.


Use External Storage Drive

One of the nicest features of adobe lightroom is that it has the ability to work with stored images from an external storage drive or in a network attached storage drive. With this feature, you do not have to save all your preset collections on your computer’s hard drive.


If you want to move all of your filtered images on your personal computer to an external storage or hard drive, always remember to move it using lightroom software.


Always Save Images as Presets

Lightroom presets can help you save a lot of time and effort since it has the ability to edit and filter images with just few clicks. One of the best part in using Lightroom presets is that it does not crash, you can edit images freely without getting worried.


There are a lot of different lightroom presets available in the market, and it is sold for free. However, most beautiful presets are expensive.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

How to edit images? It’s very simple. You just have to open the image you want to modify in the develop option and make the desired adjustments using the different controls available in the panel that is located in the right portion of the screen. When you are done editing the image, find the preset pane and create a new preset. By doing this, you are saving the images as presets.

DSLR Camera is Still Best For Photography

For photography enthusiasts and newbies, there are a number of camera choices available out there. From mobile phone cameras to compact digital cameras to the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras, there is wide array of types, brands and specs that you will have to choose on. So far, DLSR Cameras remain to be the best and perfect choice for veteran and newbie photographers, alike. You may be wondering why, here are a few information to help you find out why a DSLR camera is still the best choice for photography.

dslr cameraDSLR cameras are much faster than the other types in terms of start-up, focusing and shutter lag. Also, zooming in DSLR is mechanical as compared to regular point-and-shoot units. Mechanical zooming and shuttering enable photographers to take pictures instantly. They don’t need for the electronic shutter and automatic zoom to be ready before you can capture a picture. Because of this manual and mechanical focusing and zooming, capturing the photo is made quicker and more precise. There are also DSLR functions that enable you to capture even the fastest actions of your kids while running or an athlete while shooting the ball. This is feature enables photographers and photography enthusiasts to capture sharp and in-action photos.

Interchangeable Lenses
Your regular point and shoot compact cameras come only with a certain limited focus and zoom range, and only a limited number of effects and features. The lens cannot also be changed or removed. However, DLSR cameras have a lens mount on the body, which enables the user to use extra and interchangeable lenses for you to be able to capture photos in a wider range, to infinity and even beyond! There are different lenses used for different types of photography, from micro and macro to wide-range. These different lenses also offer a number of different effects that can enhance your captured photos. The DSLR kit lenses may be costly, but in the end, you will find out that it is a good investment and worthy the money.

Sharper and Clearer Images
sharper imageDLSR cameras have larger image sensors which enable one to capture images with larger pixels. Smaller point and shoot digital cameras use only one focal point that’s usually stagnant at the center of the frame. This image taken is blurry if it doesn’t have a sharp edge. DSLRs have large image sensors and focal points that are practically around the frame. This is the reason why DSLR cameras are able to take much sharper and clearer images, plus the focusing takes place much faster.

Longer Battery Life
Since DLSR cameras are obviously much heavier and bigger than the compact digital cameras, it is expected that it has bigger components. This is true in the case of the battery because DSLR camera batteries can stand twice as long as the regular compact cameras. Compact digital cameras require LCDs and always active sensors; DSLR cameras do not need this. For longer photo shoots and camera usage, DSLR cameras offer twice as much time as the compact digital cameras.

Professional Look
If you’re using a DSLR for business or work, more clients will believe and trust you if you use a professional-looking camera. DSLR is always the best choice when you want a professional-looking, at the same time fully functional, camera.

Wedding of Barbara and Rolf

Wedding of Barbara and RolfBarbara and Rolf have yourself and your guests a gift a beautiful fairy tale wedding. After both had in the Reformed Church in Waldegg given the “yes” word was celebrated in style at the Giardino Verde. Rarely have I met a couple that has aired such a peace and security at his wedding as Rolf and Barabara. I wish you, that ye shall keep this power in everyday life and you thus always supported each other.

… and world peace

... and world peaceNow, the reference to world peace was enough at the weekend the aspirants to the office of Ladylicious Girl 2011 not to victory. – Instead, the talents of the candidates with quick quizzes, dance deposits and especially with a lot of spontaneity and ingenuity were put to the test in Zurich Escher Wyss Club.

Wedding Party by Enzi and Michi

Wedding Party by Enzi and MichiWedding in the smallest group was already a few days back. For Enzi and Michi from Schaffhausen was only on October 1 the ceremony with their friends and a lot of music in the foreground. To experience an unforgettable night of partying, the two therefore spared no expense or effort and turned right in Schaffhausen at the casino. I wish you always the momentum and enthusiasm, whom you proved that night.

Wedding Nadine and Carlo

Wedding Nadine and CarloNadine and Carlo went out of the knot in a sweet, little chapel in Solothurn pipe. The great emotion during the ceremony have made it tangible and visible for all our guests: Here marry the two right ones. Throughout the day and into the evening hours it is Nadine and Carlo managed to celebrate their very own and personal wedding. I wish you for the future, that you will always find your way common and it goes along.

Wedding of Gabriela and Markus

Wedding of Gabriela and MarkusWhether the wedding of Gaby and Mark actually should take place as planned until a few days does not clear before the big day. Shortly after our preliminary end of July the latest addition to the family did not want to just wait. But Gaby and Mark are a strong team and, despite the revised plans get organized a beautiful wedding. The couple Schooling Ting we’ve done in the morning on Goffersberg overlooking Castle Lenzburg. Great location, great couple, great photos;-)

Wedding of Fabienne and Oliver

Wedding of Fabienne and OliverFabienne and Oliver really had some bad luck with the weather on their wedding day. We had previously picked us Engagement shoot the most beautiful places and the most fantastic ideas and all have been delighted at the wedding and the bride and groom shooting. Unfortunately, it was then not only very wet but also terribly cold, so in the short term had a few alternatives on her big day. The Campus Sursee then gave us fortunately a few colorful and mainly dry Shooting Locations. Fabienne and Oliver, after such a supercooled start I wish you lots of love and warmth in your common future.

Wedding of Anita and Daniel

Wedding of Anita and DanielThe wedding of Anita and Daniel was a baptism of fire for me. And “baptism” is to be taken literally in this context, it was for me the first wedding, which took place in pouring rain. Anita and Daniel have but it carried with composure and humor and I find the rain photos have a very unique and special charm. Anita and Daniel: If in the future in difficult times so hard, as on this day, then nothing can go wrong. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Wedding of Kathrin and Sascha

Wedding of Kathrin and Sascha“Spontaneous, funny and very wet” – So the wedding of Kathrin and Sascha in Aarburg would in my view is best described. Sasha called me on Thursday to a little dissolved before their wedding. Your photographer had broken his leg and if I could jump in on Saturday. It was by chance that I could actually help out, and I must say, that was the funniest wedding I got to experience so far. The registrar warned in between even with the words: “Warning: that what you say now counts as the first” – Both Kathrin and Sascha have answered correctly but at the crucial moment, so that then could be celebrated together on the river Aare. While trying a few photos of the couple in a boat to make, I ended up even more to the knees in water, but thanks to summer temperatures I could almost speak of a welcome cooling. Kathrin and Sascha, you retain your great lockre kind and enjoys so your common journey through life.

Marriage of Yvonne and Beat

Marriage of Yvonne and BeatBeat and Yvonne went out of their vows in the old armory in Bremgarten. In just 5 degrees Celsius above all the bride had vigorously biting teeth. I think it’s great the two managed to master this situation. Let your tail of the small and large adversities of life also in your future together.

Wedding of Sandra and Martin

Wedding of Sandra and MartinSandra and Martin get from me this year the prize for the most unusual wedding (at least lead the two to date, the list of nominees to :-) Sandra and Martin have high whim summarized two ceremonies in one day. After a very beautiful wedding ceremony in the Civil Registry Office Dietikon there was a continuation of the wedding in an alternative ceremony at Bruno Weber sculpture park. Unusual but very, very nice.

Sandra and Martin, I wish you that you do over and over again in the future together creates unusual to swim to work and against the tide.

Wedding of John and Carolin

Wedding of John and CarolinIn the Villa Boveri in Baden John and Carolin are entered into a covenant with each other for life. Although the Päarchen with Austrian impact belongs to the more something quieter and more reserved people, the subsequent photo shoot made with both a lot of fun and I think you can see the pictures also. I wish you all the best for your future together.

Engagement Shoot of Bruno and Andrea

Engagement Shoot of Bruno and AndreaAs Bruno and Andrea have got to know, both have lived on Lake Zurich. This common element the fresh and cheerful Päarchen has retained to this day and so the wedding is to take place and the lake. Shortly before my holiday, we met up for a few test pictures in Pfäffikon. I hope you the results just as well I like it and look forward to the wedding with you like.