Beginner’s Guide: Installing Lightroom

LightroomMost photographers are getting fond of using the new version of adobe lightroom. One of the main reasons why they use it is because it has a lot of unique features such as presets. Lightroom has the capacity to edit and alter images in just a few clicks. Lightroom also help photographers save a lot of time and effort in their editing process.


Luckily, there are a lot of simple methods to install adobe lightroom preset. In this article, we will discuss about how to install lightroom on all devices and operating system. In addition, we will provide simple methods on how to use presets.

Basic and Simple Ways of Installing Lightroom


In the presets control panel division, you will see the folder of all presets created and downloaded. In order to view other options, click anywhere on the screen and a pop up window option will appear.  Select “import” and you will see another window in which you are permitted to choose any file of all saved presets on your computer. After choosing your desired preset, click import and adobe lightroom will filter it just for you. This simple step works perfectly fine in all operating system and versions since it do not need a lot of effort.

Saving Presets To Another Devices

One of the most common disadvantages of lightroom is that whenever you are done editing, it will always go back to its default setting. It simply means that all of your saved presets will be gone. In order to prevent it, you have to save and back up the presets to another storage or device such as dropbox or cloud.


These two simple steps will guide you in installing lightroom preset. If you want to know more about installing lightroom easily, watch the video below.


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