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DSLR Camera is Still Best For Photography

For photography enthusiasts and newbies, there are a number of camera choices available out there. From mobile phone cameras to compact digital cameras to the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras, there is wide array of types, brands and specs that you will have to choose on. So far, DLSR Cameras remain to be the best and perfect choice for veteran and newbie photographers, alike. You may be wondering why, here are a few information to help you find out why a DSLR camera is still the best choice for photography.

dslr cameraDSLR cameras are much faster than the other types in terms of start-up, focusing and shutter lag. Also, zooming in DSLR is mechanical as compared to regular point-and-shoot units. Mechanical zooming and shuttering enable photographers to take pictures instantly. They don’t need for the electronic shutter and automatic zoom to be ready before you can capture a picture. Because of this manual and mechanical focusing and zooming, capturing the photo is made quicker and more precise. There are also DSLR functions that enable you to capture even the fastest actions of your kids while running or an athlete while shooting the ball. This is feature enables photographers and photography enthusiasts to capture sharp and in-action photos.

Interchangeable Lenses
Your regular point and shoot compact cameras come only with a certain limited focus and zoom range, and only a limited number of effects and features. The lens cannot also be changed or removed. However, DLSR cameras have a lens mount on the body, which enables the user to use extra and interchangeable lenses for you to be able to capture photos in a wider range, to infinity and even beyond! There are different lenses used for different types of photography, from micro and macro to wide-range. These different lenses also offer a number of different effects that can enhance your captured photos. The DSLR kit lenses may be costly, but in the end, you will find out that it is a good investment and worthy the money.

Sharper and Clearer Images
sharper imageDLSR cameras have larger image sensors which enable one to capture images with larger pixels. Smaller point and shoot digital cameras use only one focal point that’s usually stagnant at the center of the frame. This image taken is blurry if it doesn’t have a sharp edge. DSLRs have large image sensors and focal points that are practically around the frame. This is the reason why DSLR cameras are able to take much sharper and clearer images, plus the focusing takes place much faster.

Longer Battery Life
Since DLSR cameras are obviously much heavier and bigger than the compact digital cameras, it is expected that it has bigger components. This is true in the case of the battery because DSLR camera batteries can stand twice as long as the regular compact cameras. Compact digital cameras require LCDs and always active sensors; DSLR cameras do not need this. For longer photo shoots and camera usage, DSLR cameras offer twice as much time as the compact digital cameras.

Professional Look
If you’re using a DSLR for business or work, more clients will believe and trust you if you use a professional-looking camera. DSLR is always the best choice when you want a professional-looking, at the same time fully functional, camera.

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