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The complete Guide to getting started with Photography

If you would like to get started with commercial photographer, regardless of whether you are a hobbyist or a newbie, there are very few places that will give you the guidance that you need. This is because all the information that you get put there is defragmented. Here, we are going to have a look at all the steps that you need to go from a hobbyist or a newbie to a complete professional.

1.Get the right equipment – There is no way you are going to become a professional photographer if you do not have the right equipment. You may have heard or read somewhere that you can use Adobe Lightroom presets to improve your images if the camera you use produces low quality images. While there that is a bit of truth in this, is it not better to start off right away with images of the highest quality?
dslr camera

So first, get a good camera with good lenses if you can afford it. Then invest in some storage medium with good read and write speeds. Next up, you will need a computer for use with Adobe Lightroom Presets. Do not be scared, Lightroom presets are easy to master and use.

2.Get the right software – Regardless of whether you shoot in RAW or JPEG you will find yourself needing to edit certain aspects of your photographs or to improve them in one way or the other. Some of the best softwares that are regarded as the best in this respect include Lightroom and aperture. While aperture still performs well, Lightroom has a lot more users. This means that you will find it easier to find help should you get stuck. There are also thousands of beginner tutorials to get you up and running with Lightroom as fast as possible.

3.Practice and Learn – As soon as you have your equipment and the software that you feel is right for you, start shooting and practicing. Remember that photography is all about skill. You have to practice in order to get better. Remember to also practice your Lightroom skills as well as using Lightroom presets so that as your photography improves, so do you post-production skills.


4.Selling – This is where the fun starts. There is no need to shoot and create photographs if you are not making any money from it. There are lost of sites that accept photographs for sale from both amateur and professional photographers alike. All you have to do is find the right one for you, the one that matches your photography style and offers a good price for your photographs especially those that you have edited using some Lightroom Presets. Keep in mind that some websites take a parentage of your sales, this is something you have to always be on the look out for.

Wedding of Barbara and Rolf

Wedding of Barbara and RolfBarbara and Rolf have yourself and your guests a gift a beautiful fairy tale wedding. After both had in the Reformed Church in Waldegg given the “yes” word was celebrated in style at the Giardino Verde. Rarely have I met a couple that has aired such a peace and security at his wedding as Rolf and Barabara. I wish you, that ye shall keep this power in everyday life and you thus always supported each other.

Wedding Party by Enzi and Michi

Wedding Party by Enzi and MichiWedding in the smallest group was already a few days back. For Enzi and Michi from Schaffhausen was only on October 1 the ceremony with their friends and a lot of music in the foreground. To experience an unforgettable night of partying, the two therefore spared no expense or effort and turned right in Schaffhausen at the casino. I wish you always the momentum and enthusiasm, whom you proved that night.

Wedding Nadine and Carlo

Wedding Nadine and CarloNadine and Carlo went out of the knot in a sweet, little chapel in Solothurn pipe. The great emotion during the ceremony have made it tangible and visible for all our guests: Here marry the two right ones. Throughout the day and into the evening hours it is Nadine and Carlo managed to celebrate their very own and personal wedding. I wish you for the future, that you will always find your way common and it goes along.

Wedding of Gabriela and Markus

Wedding of Gabriela and MarkusWhether the wedding of Gaby and Mark actually should take place as planned until a few days does not clear before the big day. Shortly after our preliminary end of July the latest addition to the family did not want to just wait. But Gaby and Mark are a strong team and, despite the revised plans get organized a beautiful wedding. The couple Schooling Ting we’ve done in the morning on Goffersberg overlooking Castle Lenzburg. Great location, great couple, great photos;-)

Wedding of Fabienne and Oliver

Wedding of Fabienne and OliverFabienne and Oliver really had some bad luck with the weather on their wedding day. We had previously picked us Engagement shoot the most beautiful places and the most fantastic ideas and all have been delighted at the wedding and the bride and groom shooting. Unfortunately, it was then not only very wet but also terribly cold, so in the short term had a few alternatives on her big day. The Campus Sursee then gave us fortunately a few colorful and mainly dry Shooting Locations. Fabienne and Oliver, after such a supercooled start I wish you lots of love and warmth in your common future.

Wedding of Anita and Daniel

Wedding of Anita and DanielThe wedding of Anita and Daniel was a baptism of fire for me. And “baptism” is to be taken literally in this context, it was for me the first wedding, which took place in pouring rain. Anita and Daniel have but it carried with composure and humor and I find the rain photos have a very unique and special charm. Anita and Daniel: If in the future in difficult times so hard, as on this day, then nothing can go wrong. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Wedding of Kathrin and Sascha

Wedding of Kathrin and Sascha“Spontaneous, funny and very wet” – So the wedding of Kathrin and Sascha in Aarburg would in my view is best described. Sasha called me on Thursday to a little dissolved before their wedding. Your photographer had broken his leg and if I could jump in on Saturday. It was by chance that I could actually help out, and I must say, that was the funniest wedding I got to experience so far. The registrar warned in between even with the words: “Warning: that what you say now counts as the first” – Both Kathrin and Sascha have answered correctly but at the crucial moment, so that then could be celebrated together on the river Aare. While trying a few photos of the couple in a boat to make, I ended up even more to the knees in water, but thanks to summer temperatures I could almost speak of a welcome cooling. Kathrin and Sascha, you retain your great lockre kind and enjoys so your common journey through life.

Marriage of Yvonne and Beat

Marriage of Yvonne and BeatBeat and Yvonne went out of their vows in the old armory in Bremgarten. In just 5 degrees Celsius above all the bride had vigorously biting teeth. I think it’s great the two managed to master this situation. Let your tail of the small and large adversities of life also in your future together.

Wedding of Sandra and Martin

Wedding of Sandra and MartinSandra and Martin get from me this year the prize for the most unusual wedding (at least lead the two to date, the list of nominees to :-) Sandra and Martin have high whim summarized two ceremonies in one day. After a very beautiful wedding ceremony in the Civil Registry Office Dietikon there was a continuation of the wedding in an alternative ceremony at Bruno Weber sculpture park. Unusual but very, very nice.

Sandra and Martin, I wish you that you do over and over again in the future together creates unusual to swim to work and against the tide.

Wedding of John and Carolin

Wedding of John and CarolinIn the Villa Boveri in Baden John and Carolin are entered into a covenant with each other for life. Although the Päarchen with Austrian impact belongs to the more something quieter and more reserved people, the subsequent photo shoot made with both a lot of fun and I think you can see the pictures also. I wish you all the best for your future together.

Engagement Shoot of Bruno and Andrea

Engagement Shoot of Bruno and AndreaAs Bruno and Andrea have got to know, both have lived on Lake Zurich. This common element the fresh and cheerful Päarchen has retained to this day and so the wedding is to take place and the lake. Shortly before my holiday, we met up for a few test pictures in Pfäffikon. I hope you the results just as well I like it and look forward to the wedding with you like.