Cool Portraits Via Presets and Brushes

  • The best portraits through Lightroom’s presets and brushes
  • Brushes that enhances the color and mood of your photos
  • Presets that can improve one’s image and aura

People love to see their faces in a photo. That is the reason why there is an overload of portraits posted on social media every day. But when Lightroom came into the scene, portraits begin to look like miniature masterpieces painted by the best painters.

LR14A Lightroom portrait is unlike any portrait you have seen. This is not your typical picture, with that flat face plastered on that photo. This photo has that interactive feel of it, having that 3D effect, so the experience is almost lifelike.

And this is made possible with these free Lightroom presets and brushes online. Any photo enthusiast can now produce photos, portraits, even, that stimulates the imagination. Portraits that are almost real, you can literally feel the texture of one’s skin or those eyebrows that are almost impossible to see with the naked eye at times.

These presets and brushes are perfect for your Lightroom portrait because it allows you to:

  • Improve the edges – There are different kinds of skin texture, whether it’s rough, smooth or dry, and these skin characteristics can be recreated with the skillful use of these presets and brushes, and present an almost lifelike representation of your portrait.
  • Enhances the color – Color dictates a significant portion of your Lightroom portrait, and it would be impossible for you to have that specific effect apart from these presets and brushes. Enhancing the color of your portrait in turn enhances the mood of your photo image.
  • Heightens the mood – Especially with brushes, because you can make detailed improvements with your portraits. And by doing so, you heightened the mood of your subject, even as you make changes on a specific feature of that face.

So it is with these free presets and brushes that you can have that total Lightroom portrait experience.

Admit or not, every time you see your photo image online enhanced with a photo app like that of Lightroom, it always brings a smile on your face.

And your Lightroom portrait is in a league of its own, it is the kind of portrait that makes you feel good every time you look at it.

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