My Offer

imagePlanning a wedding and to finance is difficult enough. Therefore, it is important to me that all such costs are to be calculated clearly from the outset. For this reason I do without conscious effort, you separately offer services and charge. You do not pay for my arrival, nor the post or even for each individual deduction. I only charge exclusively my time at your place on the wedding day. The following services are included in my offer is always included.

detailed preliminary

The preliminary helps me to get an accurate picture of your needs and expectations. The preliminary talk is always done in person. Of course, the preliminary talk for you is free and without obligation. Wedding photography has a lot to do with confidence and sympathy – you decide after talking if I could convince you.

Location Check

To be properly prepared on the wedding day, it is important for me is the environment in which take place the marriage ceremony and to know the local anticipated lighting conditions. Where possible, I look to share with you the various places (wedding, cocktail, bridal couple photos, celebration) on. The location check should be carried out either but, together with the preliminary or the engagement shoot.

Photographing the wedding photojournalism

According to your wishes and in your desired extent. I would be happy to accompany you from morning to prepare in a glittering night of partying into the camera. But I am also for shorter sessions of 3 hours.

Selection and follow-up

Not every picture taken enough of my own quality standards. People I photograph mostly repeatedly in quick succession to make sure to get a picture with open eyes. – From such a series I’m looking out the best in each case, funniest or most emotional pictures for you. A fundamental reworking and optimization of each photo is part of my scope of services to provide you with the best possible results.

Online Gallery

An online gallery allows you and your guests quick access to the finished photos.


You will also receive a high-quality slide show in the form of a video. Upon request, I used to like your own personal favorite song.

All photos in their original size

All final images, I present to you in the original size available for download. You have the possibility at any time independently to order prints from a provider of their choice.

Traveling expenses

Up to 50 km travel costs are generally included. In addition, travel costs depend very much on the specific job.

All these services are available from the first hour on-site inklusive.Sie pay only the time I am on-site:

Every hour on-site I only charge only 250 CHF.

Depending on the duration of the contract are further services included in the offer:

additionally from 4h including: commitment Shooting

after we learned when we know each other preliminary, we begin the engagement shoot, to work together. By you get to know me and the way I work, it falls on the wedding day easier to achieve outstanding results in the most limited time. – When engagement shoot, you also have the opportunity to jointly develop ideas with me and try, we can plan and prepare so fixed on the day of the wedding. Since the engagement shoot will take place at a date of their choice, it is also an ideal opportunity to create images for your invitation cards.

additionally from 6h including: professionally designed photo book

In a large 60-page photo book in the format 33 x 25 cm with hardcover I present to you together the special moments of your wedding, to be back to remember in many years still like. Before printing, I’ll send you a pdf Preview this book, so you can have an influence on the choice of photos.

Want to know if I’m still booked for your planned wedding date? – Do not hesitate and send me a brief meeting request.