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Tips on How to Use the Basic Panel

pic1With Lightroom, I can be able to edit my photos in my best Lightroom 5 presets in easy and efficient way. We all know that Lightroom has a lot of features that sometimes you might get confuse. While the program offers plenty of different editing opportunities in order to attain the best results and user experience, it is necessary that we may understand the very basics of Lightroom.

Perhaps, the first question that comes in your mind is “where should I find the basic panel?”

To start with, you can find Basic Panel in the “Develop Module” right below the “Histogram”. Just make sure you have an image loaded up already. Expanding the panel will reveal a number of basic controls offered by Lightroom. To expand the basic panel, just press Ctrl + 1. You can see a few panels below the Basic Panel and if you want to see only one of the panels, you just simply right click on the panels then select “solo mode”.

#1: The first setting that you may change in the basic panel is the “Treatment” of the image. Treatment allows you to select if you want an image to be in color or else in black and white.

#2: The next setting in the Basic Panel is the “Temperature and Tint”. There are few ways to adjust the Basic Panel. Click on the slider of the adjustment using your mouse and drag the slider left or right or you can mouse over the slider and hit up or down on keyboard to move the slider.

#3: Next, white balance selector. You can find it right above the “Temperature”. You can select W&B by hitting “W”. These settings can really help you to make sure that the color you capture in your image is correct no matter how the camera was set when you take a picture.

#4: The last setting in the Basic Panel is the “Tone”. If we click the auto tone button, Lightroom will immediately try what the correct settings are for the image. Yet, this setting almost never guesses correctly, so do not depend on this feature.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the Basic Panel in Lightroom 5 at the same time knows each adjustment.