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3 Ways To Modify Blue Sky Images

LR44Have you ever thought of having a beautiful and perfect blue sky with white clouds in your images? Taking pictures of a blue sky using your camera is not enough since cameras only capture half of the subject’s real color. However, in this article, we will give you three simple ways to modify blue sky images in Adobe Lightroom to make it perfect and realistic.


Here are the 3 simple method in making perfect blue sky images:


Adjust the Blue Color Tone


The first thing to do is to adjust and darken the blue tone of your image. You can start adjusting the tone in the Develop module in Lightroom. You can either adjust the level of saturation, hue, white balance, contrast, brightness and luminance of colors. However, make sure to adjust and use the blue sliders since it will only affect the blue color tone of the image.


Monitor and Regulate The Highlights


In order to have a well-balanced color tones, it is best to monitor and control the highlights carefully. After adjusting the tones, there will be instances where the sky is so bright that it covers the beautiful details in it. Tone down the highlights of the image carefully for you to see the important details in the blue sky image.


Apply Blue Tint Tone


At this point in time, your sky image should look real and good. But in order to make it more perfect, you should add an extra blue tint tone to it by using the adjustment brush and adjusting the white balance and color temp.

Isn’t easy? Lightroom has indeed the capability to create a clear and a perfect blue sky. Of course, if you’re not satisfied with these techniques, you can always use other ways, such as blending the tones and use HDR features.


Hopefully these techniques can guide you in modifying blue skies. For tutorials on adobe Lightroom head over to Sleeklens and check more unbiased Lightroom reviews.