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Customizing Your Adobe Lightroom Library and Stay Systematized

Basically, Adobe Lightroom is the perfect tool not just for photo editing, but also for photo management and customization. In this article, we will teach you on how to use and customize and manage images in the library module so that you can easily locate your images.


If you’re dealing with hundreds or even thousands of images, you may face a lot of challenges in finding significant files. However, Adobe Lightroom can give you the best services in locating the images you want to use for modification.


As we go on with our Lightroom discussion, we will assure you that in the next coming weeks or months, we will give you more updated and effective tips and tutorials on how to organize HDR Lightroom presets using significant keywords and metadata.



Sort images according to file name or theme


Photos in Lightroom are automatically displayed when they are imported. If you want a more organized interface, you can sort images according to their file name, theme or ratings. Sort it by clicking the pop-up menu located in the upper-left corner of Lightroom’s interface.


Give significant rates on your images


One of the best things about Lightroom is that you can rate images according to the image quality. You can rate them between zero as the lowest and five as the highest.


Eliminate undesirable images


You can use the sort menu to remove undesirable or unnecessary images in Lightroom. Deleted images will be automatically marked as gray.


Filter images immediately


To filter images in Lightroom, you need to go to view and show filter bar, choose the attribute, and click on the pick icon. However, to make things easier, you can just refine image filters by using significant metadata and keywords.


This tutorial is more useful when sorting images such as HDR Lightroom presets, vintage and black and white themed presets.