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5 Tips In Using Adobe Lightroom

lightroom 1 1Adobe lightroom from adobe system is one of the most famous raw image editing and conversion software that is used by professional photographers. Few years back, adobe decided to link it with photoshop CC as part of their photography plan making it more interesting to use. In this article, we will talk about the 5 simple tips in using the powerful adobe lightroom image editing tool.


Here are some ways you can use with your lightroom software:


Download, Install and Use Presets

A lot of lightroom users are very eager to share their edited and personalized lightroom presets in their social media. This simply means that they are able to edit and apply the effects perfectly. But before having a perfect image, you need to download a free lightroom preset from Sleeklens.

Once you are done in downloading the preset, you have to install it into the adobe lightroom software by unzipping the file. Then go to lightroom preset panel to create a new folder. Once you have the folder, right click and select import option and then you’re done. Visit infoparrot.com for more details on how to install lightroom presets.


Check Preset Collections On Your Apple Gadgets (iPhone, iPad)

With the latest upgrade of lightroom, Adobe system announced the mobile version of lightroom and its ability to view synced collections via creative cloud on their apple smartphones and tablets. With Lightroom 5.5, you can enjoy viewing your collections thru your apple mobile device. All you have to do is to update the latest version of lightroom and download it to your iPhone or iPad.


Use External Storage Drive

One of the nicest features of adobe lightroom is that it has the ability to work with stored images from an external storage drive or in a network attached storage drive. With this feature, you do not have to save all your preset collections on your computer’s hard drive.


If you want to move all of your filtered images on your personal computer to an external storage or hard drive, always remember to move it using lightroom software.


Always Save Images as Presets

Lightroom presets can help you save a lot of time and effort since it has the ability to edit and filter images with just few clicks. One of the best part in using Lightroom presets is that it does not crash, you can edit images freely without getting worried.


There are a lot of different lightroom presets available in the market, and it is sold for free. However, most beautiful presets are expensive.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

How to edit images? It’s very simple. You just have to open the image you want to modify in the develop option and make the desired adjustments using the different controls available in the panel that is located in the right portion of the screen. When you are done editing the image, find the preset pane and create a new preset. By doing this, you are saving the images as presets.