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Lightroom Goes Mobile

LR47Lightroom mobile is a cloud-based subscription service that allows you to sync photo collections between your desktop computer and a companion app on your Mobile so that you can review, share, organize and even edit your photo anytime and anywhere.


In addition, Lightroom mobile syncs high-resolution Smart Previews to your iPad. In a small fraction of the original file size, these Smart Previews won’t take long to sync. This means that you can even work with raw images while you’re away from your desktop computer.


When you completely installed both the desktop and mobile applications, you need to decide which of your Lightroom catalogs to work with.  It does not support syncing from multiple catalogs. If you sync images from a second catalog, you will overwrite any photos you’ve previously “imported” to Lightroom on your mobile.


Sign in to Lightroom on your mobile device: When signing in to Lightroom mobile from your desktop computer, just click Get Started ->select Sign In in the fly down menu-> Enter Adobe ID -> Enter password in the Lightroom Mobile dialog box – > Click Sign In.


If you don’t have a free Adobe ID, you only have to do is to click Create an Adobe ID button at the lower left.


Setting up collections to sync:  Lightroom Mobile will work only with Collections.  If you need help for setting up collection, lightroom.com.br will surely help you.  To enable a Collection for syncronization, just right click on the collection ->select Sync with Lightroom mobile. Very easy!


You will notice a double arrow appears to the left of the Collection after clicking. This specifies the collection will be syncing when sync is turned on.


Sync photos on mobile:  Tap individual photos to select – > tap the checkmark in the upper right. Lightroom will let you know it is starting the sync of those images.


Sorting and Edit photos:  At the bottom of the screen, tap the adjust icon -> tap one of the controls like exposure -> slide your finger across the scale to darken or lighten the image. With some controls, you can select from a list options. And when you’re done, tap the arrow in the top left of your screen to return the collection and automatically sync your edits across all your devices.


You can always rework your edits or even get back to your original photo in just one click.


Quick filtering with Lightroom mobile device:  Now that you have a Collection synced to your mobile, you can start filtering. To filter images, used both flags and stars features. You can change those features by tapping the icons in bottom left corner.


Sharing your synced collections online:  You can view your Lightroom mobile synced collections and share them with your friends or even on your clients. All collections are private by default, only you can see them unless you choose to share them. Just select “Make Public” to make the Collection available for sharing.