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Understanding Adobe Lightroom 5

pbn4In my opinion, Lightroom 5 is one of the greatest versions compared to its previous and current versions. Adobe never fails to amaze us users with their upgrades. They make sure that we enjoy every release they made. According to experts, Adobe just made hundreds of improvements in their latest version, but I am still in the process of trying it one by one. In this personal review, we will try to understand better the features and services of lightroom 5.

If you haven’t try lightroom yet, it is now the best time to purchase it. Is it worth it? Yes. Lightroom is more like the better version of Photoshop since you don’t have to edit images manually. In addition, its lightroom presets can help you in your editing process since it can be applied to hundreds of images at once. Lightroom actions is a non-destructive tool which preserves the original setting of the image from the camera. The program is a powerful tool that has the ability to organize images well.

Using the popular program can be frustrating and confusing at times, but when you get to see its outcome, you will start loving it more and more.  Lightroom is not a replacement for Photoshop like what most people claim. Both programs have its uniqueness and creativity. Both programs can make better images; however, lightroom can do it clean and fast. It does not only help us save time in editing, it also gives us more time to take photographs.

Overall, Adobe lightroom 5 offers a lot of exciting and improved editing tools for the benefit of photographers. It is truly one of best programs that can provide solutions to photography problems. The program may have some issues and problems regarding its interface but the company will continue to fix it and make new and better versions of lightroom. The program helped me become a better photographer. In addition, it motivated me to create new and wonderful lightroom presets to share to the public. My creativity skill increases as I continue to use it every day.