Wedding of Kathrin and Sascha

Wedding of Kathrin and Sascha“Spontaneous, funny and very wet” – So the wedding of Kathrin and Sascha in Aarburg would in my view is best described. Sasha called me on Thursday to a little dissolved before their wedding. Your photographer had broken his leg and if I could jump in on Saturday. It was by chance that I could actually help out, and I must say, that was the funniest wedding I got to experience so far. The registrar warned in between even with the words: “Warning: that what you say now counts as the first” – Both Kathrin and Sascha have answered correctly but at the crucial moment, so that then could be celebrated together on the river Aare. While trying a few photos of the couple in a boat to make, I ended up even more to the knees in water, but thanks to summer temperatures I could almost speak of a welcome cooling. Kathrin and Sascha, you retain your great lockre kind and enjoys so your common journey through life.

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